ahh look at the time!! i have to go to my bus stop in about 10 minutes lol..school starts at 740!. but i get home at like 330 cuz i have to walk a fuckin 5 blocks or so, but then my brother's friend said that he can take me home since he goes to my school..my friend Pat could take me home if i went to Manual. i talked to Michael last night..omg everytime we talk we are just so much in love i love it.i love him! i really do!!!.but i hope today is a good day if we dont have H.W in all 7 periods!!.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

HMM!!!!!!!! ... today is going to be good i hope .. i cant wait to talk to Michael after school! i love him to death, he is just so awesome, i just hope i dont have any more homework ... i hate algebra and all the other crap .. the only fun class is orchestra and JROTC ... well hey its early and i have to get to my bus stop .. just signing some quick thot .. ill write more when i get back yall! Pe@Ce .... Love you Michael

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